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In Review: A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins

Nothing you can take from me was ever worth keeping. You've no right to starve people, to punish them for no reason. No right to take away their life and freedom.

I was sceptical to start this book, after all Ms Collins would’ve had to lay down her first born and more for anything to ever compete with the immense popularity that the original trilogy has. I read reviews, I watched the new trailer and I was ready to hate this book.

But I didn’t.

I fricken loved this book. It had all the nostalgia of the first three books, it made me feel like 12 year old me sat up past my bedtime flicking through page after page. I was GRIPPED. Start to finish, there wasn’t a moment I felt bored with this story.

I love a good villain arc, this ticked all the boxes for me because of course we’re meant to hate Snow but he was so hard to hate at times. It was perfect, the flitters from Snows cruelty to his adolescent emotions shining through. It had romance, fighting, power, class wars the whole Hunger Games SHABANG.

I found Lucy’s songs a tad tedious at times but I think they’re going to be excellent in the movie. If you can ignore the 100s of references to cabbage soup it’s well worth a read.

Personally, I can’t see why lots of people disliked this book- I wonder if it’s because lots of us read the Hunger Games when we were younger and we thought the OG books were written differently to how they actually are. Younger minds being more imaginative, because in my opinion this read exactly like the HG series did.

All in all, I still love Suzanne Collins and I loved this book. Snow is an elitist monster and you’re not SUPPOSED to love him but his story was super interesting and a great plot angle.

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